Sports betting with crypto: overview

Currently, there are a lot of different betting solutions for the players all over the world. It is not a secret for anyone that crypto payments are the next level of the payment methods which are widely used on the betting market.

Sports betting with crypto payments overview

There are many benefits of crypto currencies which are provided to the target audience in sports betting.

Overall betting solutions with a strong connection with crypto payment methods allow users to remain in touch with the most popular betting events at any time. Platforms which provide crypto betting opportunities always strive to maintain the highest quality of the provided services towards the customers.

Another decent advantage of sports betting with crypto is that the crypto betting platforms always protect the data and money of the users at all costs. Moreover, sometimes you may even try to place bets anonymously during your betting sessions.

Advantages of the sports betting with cryptocurrency

features of the sports betting with cryptocurrency

The main advantages of the sports betting with cryptocurrency are the following:

  • The crypto betting platforms always use the newest software and provide the most relevant security solutions to the players. It is very unlikely that third parties will try to steal your money or personal data if you are playing through the crypto based platform. Moreover, the servers of the crypto platforms have strong servers, which ensure the permanent connection;
  • On the current stage of the betting market development the sports and crypto come really close to each other. A new payment system that is based on the cryptocurrencies made it really fast and smooth;
  • There are a lot of different crypto payment methods available for the players and their deposit and withdrawal methods. It is not a secret that there are more than 10 active currencies which are being used very oftenly. So, there is a decent variety of choice.

All in all, sports betting with crypto is the next level of market development. More and more platforms include crypto payments methods into its portfolio. Moreover, there are some platforms which only accept crypto.

Main advantages of the cryptocurrencies in betting

Main advantages of the cryptocurrencies in sports betting

There are a lot of decent advantages of the crypto payments methods on the betting market. It is not a secret for anyone that crypto transfers are the most secure and fast ones currently available for the players and users of the platforms. Moreover, they oftenly could not be tracked, so the players may remain anonymous sometimes, which is really important for some types of players.

Additionally, money can be withdrawn at any time, and the fees for withdrawal are really low, so you may just use your playing account and balance as the money storage. You will have a chance to withdraw your money at the earliest convenience. All in all, the main advantages of the cryptocurrencies in betting are the following:

  • The main advantage is definitely the security – since the payments could not be tracked due to the newest blockchain technologies and assured security, you may be absolutely safe about your balance. A payment will always find its path;
  • Another decent advantage of the crypto transfers is the speed. Almost every crypto deposit or withdrawal is being displayed on your account in under one minute. Thanks to the innovative systems which automatically transfers the money to the desired account;
  • You always have a chance to remain anonymous while using the crypto transfers. The blockchain system does really well in hiding the information of the payers and receivers. This is the proper solution for those players who don’t want to display and show their winnings to the banks.

Most popular cryptocurrencies in sports betting

Most popular cryptocurrencies in crypto sports betting

As was already mentioned, there are a lot of different cryptocurrencies which could be used during the main betting procedures at the platform. Many of them could be used as payment methods. All in all, some currencies have shown themselves as the most stable and relevant ones.

Usage of which is always a benefit for the players, this is due to the fact that oftenly they may grow by a significant amount in a short period of time, by doing so, they will increase your winnings significantly. The list of the most popular cryptocurrencies used in sports betting are the following:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin cash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Tether;
  • Tron.
  • and many other popular cryptocurrencies

The list of the most popular cryptocurrencies is really obvious, it is really clear that the currencies used in sports betting will always remain popular among the core crypto users.

Which betting sites accept bitcoin

Fresh betting websites with bitcoin payment option

A really important question of the players is the following – which betting sites accept bitcoin? The answer to that question is very simple, almost every betting platform with a specific emphasis to the crypto payment system accepts bitcoin.

This is due to the status of the main cryptocurrency and the specific attitude towards this currency. However, the most popular betting platforms which accept bitcoin are the following:

  • BC game;
  • wild io;
  • Mystake;
  • lucky block;
  • Metaspins;
  • and many others.

Since bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, it is being widely used on almost every platform. Even the platforms with regular payments systems have included bitcoin into their payment systems.

Bitcoin cash betting sites

Bitcoin cash crypto betting sites overview

There are a lot of available platforms which support sports betting using the bitcoin cash currency. This currency is also a very popular one among the bookmakers and crypto users.  Bitcoin cash is also a very popular currency for the betting purpose, it has a specific advantage over some other cryptocurrencies. The list of the most popular platforms which has bitcoin cash included into their crypto portfolio is the following:

  • BC game;
  • Coins game;
  • Fairspin;
  • 1xBet;
  • Mystake;
  • Megapari;
  • and many other platforms.

The number of the platforms which have included cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin cash into their payment methods is really decent. Betters will always have a chance to find a platform and make good bets just using their bitcoin cash funds.

Eth betting sites

Etherium sport betting websites and crypto payments

Eth stands for the Ethereum crypto currency, this is the second most popular crypto currency in the world. There are a lot of different eth users which really enjoy betting. As for the sports betting platforms which use eth as the payment method – there are a lot of them. Sometimes etch could be used even more often than bitcoin.

This is mainly due to the stability of the ethereum as the cryptocurrency. However, the list of the most popular betting platforms which has ethereum into the payments method list are the following:

  • Cloudbet;
  • Thunderpick;
  • Bets io;
  • Mystake;
  • BC game;
  • and many other sports betting platforms.

All in all, eth is a very popular payment method for crypto betting. Almost every platform presented on the betting market has such payment methods into the main crypto portfolio of the company.

Tether betting sites

Top Tether crypto betting websites information

Tether is another very popular cryptocurrency. The main advantage of tether is that it is always equal to one dollar. This makes the calculations very easy and the betting process smooth and predictable. The most popular tether sports betting sites are the following:

  • Bitcasino;
  • BC game;
  • Cloudbet;
  • Bets IO;
  • and many other sports betting sites.

These are the most popular sports betting sites which accept tether as the payment option. The total number of the platforms which accept tether is really decent, but the sites listed above are the best among them.

Best Dogecoin betting sites

Top Dogecoin sports betting websites list

Dogecoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency that has been recently introduced. However, it has managed to attract a lot of investments into it and take a significant amount of the market shares. A lot of sports betting websites operate using this cryptocurrency. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Lucky block;
  • BC game;
  • Betpanda io;
  • Vave;
  • and many other betting platforms.

Dogecoin could be treated as one of the best cryptocurrencies for the calculations. This is due to the specific exchange rate of the currency, since it is lower than a dollar, it could be easily calculated by simple multiplication and division.

Best website for sports betting with crypto

How to find Top website for sports betting with crypto

There are a lot of different platforms which support cryptocurrencies and add them as the main payment methods. It is not a secret for anyone that some of them have leading positions on the sports betting market.

Moreover, some companies have significant bonuses towards the loyal players, which have a significant time spent with one platform.

Based on such things as the odds level, customer relationship, payment method systems quality, security assurance – the top level service providers in the field of crypto sports betting could be determined. The best websites for sports betting with crypto are the following.

BC game

BC game review crypto betting website review

BC game – is one of the most popular platforms that has a specific approach to the sports betting and payments systems. They have introduced an innovative approach towards the crypto payment methods. There are a lot of deposit and withdrawal opportunities.

As for the betting line of the company, there are a lot of popular sports events included in the betting line. Moreover, the company always strives to maintain the odds on the highest level.


Mystake crypto gaming website overview

Mystake – another very popular crypto betting platform. It has a very cool design that is very pleasant for the eyes of the players. Moreover, it has the best society assurance on the whole betting market. While using crypto currencies as the payment methods, you will have an absolute protection from the fraud risks at the Mystake platform.

Bets io

Bets io crypto sport betting website overview

Bets io – very popular betting platform, it has been introduced several years ago and already has proven itself as the trustworthy service provider. This is due to their positive attitude towards the players and highly experienced support team. The team always strives to resolve any issues in favor of the players. This makes it extremely popular among the users.

How to exchange money for crypto currency?

betting guide How to exchange money for crypto currency

If you want to become a part of the crypto betting community, you will definitely need some crypto money to be presented on your wallet, so you may successfully deposit them on the platform and start betting immediately.

Sometimes, it may be complicated to buy cryptocurrency, but, a short guide with the main steps would be provided below, so you will have a good understanding of the crypto exchange process:

  1. At first, crypto currencies could be bought at the different platforms called crypto stock exchange or some general crypto wallets. You need to register your account on such platforms first;
  2. After you have registered your account, please spend some time exploring the crypto market, just to make sure that you will choose the right crypto currency at the moment;
  3. You will need to top up your account with regular money, just in order to exchange them for crypto;
  4. Once you have performed this action, you may buy the currency. The crypto would be displayed on your account balance;
  5. Now, you may top up your betting account. You will need to set the desired payment method and indicate the money transfer details.

Generally, the crypto exchange process is not that hard if you really get into it. You may spend several hours getting absolutely familiar with that. But, once you have managed to get the crypto, you may start betting immediately with it.

Advantages of crypto over fiat money

Advantages of crypto over fiat money in betting

There are several advantages of crypto over the regular so-called fiat money in the field of betting. In the table below, we are going to provide a comparison of the main points, so you will have a decent understanding why you should switch to crypto payment methods:

Comparison pointCrypto moneyFiat money
InvestmentCryptocurrencies are one of the best investments in the world. Their growth rates are really astonishing. Users with only a few dollars in crypto ten years ago became millionaires in recent years.On the contrary – fiat money is only becoming cheaper and cheaper due to the inflation rates. There are no perspectives of the investments for them at all.
SafetyCryptocurrencies are really safe due to the recent blockchain technologies.Fiat money is also ok in terms of safety. This is due to the fact that it mostly depends on the money operator. But, the fraud risks are much higher with fiat money.
SecurityIn terms of the security, the blockchain technologies provide a good level of anonymity. This really helps betters with high stakes.In terms of security fiat money has no anonymity at all. Banks and financial systems always provide the financial data to the government authorities.
Transfer speedThe speed of transfer is really fast. Under one minute, you will receive any payment.The transfer speed is relatively slow. Some transfers may take up to 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

In this section of the article, we will answer the most popular questions of the players regarding cryptocurrencies and sports betting. You may find the detailed answers on the popular questions in the Q & A section below.

₿ What are the best litecoin sports betting sites?

There are a lot of sports betting sites which accept bitcoin as the payment method. We would recommend to have a look at the side of such platforms as Cloudbet, Thunderpick, Bets io.

₿ What are the best tron betting sites?

The best platforms which have tron as the payment option could be the following ones: BC game, Bets io and Mystake. They have a specific attitude towards the tron currency.

₿ Is it safe to use cryptocurrencies during sports betting activities?

Yes, the process of betting using cryptocurrencies is very safe. This is due to the blockchain technologies which provide a decent level of anonymity and security.

₿ What are the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies in betting?

A slight disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is that they have some limitations in certain countries. It means that local regulations may prevent players from using the crypto currencies during the betting sessions.

₿ Are there any commissions during the deposits and withdrawals using crypto?

Actually, the commission amount depends on the service provider. But, oftenly there is no commission on crypto transfers.